The world looks different depending on where you stand

Hi I am Ai Sasaki, working as a financial planner in Japan.

World has become smaller and there are no borderlines between individuals. Why I can say is because I can access internet and understand English and have experiences travel abroad. If I didn’t have those experiences my knowledge about the world would be limited more than ever before.  

When I was a girl I learned the world mainly at school and on TV program and news. My favorite subject was world geography and I saw “Children of the world” and “Kaoru Kanetaka’s World Travel” on TV. There was no internet. I started to learn English at junior high school. I really wanted to try to use English as communication tool. So I wrote a letter to the TV station to ask to introduce to me a Canadian boy on the program, then I got a Canadian pen pal and fresh world’s information through him.

When I was 22 I traveled Utah and California in the United States. I enjoyed American culture. I was longing to travel America for a long time because I converted christian at 16 and had some friends of American missionaries. I traveled Italy for honeymoon at 26. That was a travel in touch with history and art.

I was not familiar with world economy and investment at that time. I just wanted to satisfy my interest in different culture and I was just looking at the world from Japan. But now I have chances to travel abroad on my business, and I became to look at Japan from the world and to recognize my environment (Japan) objectively.

Where is the best place to work for you? Do you have a skill for that? Where is the best place to have a business for you? Where is the best place to invest for you? If we want to become wealthy we need to recognize own environment objectively. Then you can answer those questions.

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