ABE Initiative Internship Program 2017

We began communicating with ABE Initiative participants who had exchanged on the Africa Business Networking Fair on March 24, 2017, and finally, an internship opportunity accepted participants from 5 countries and 6 people. Internship program began on July 31st with a schedule of 5 days. This time we co-hosted in Gumma Prefecture in cooperation with promotion activities of Nihon Zeusu Industry Co., Ltd., aiming at spreading environment improvement technology and organic agriculture.

The ABE Initiative participants are expected to become a bridge between Japan and Africa’s business in the future. Its purpose is clear, and in order to create a future business, the outcome of this internship program has been of great use in knowing what tasks are anticipated when entering the actual business.

In international business, we always encounter differences between the two countries, and there are many times we suffer from the difference. On the first day of the internship, we discussed the differences encountered in international business. Not only between Japan and African countries but also five African countries gathered, we saw the differences among African countries and became active discussions. I think that going in from such a topic is unique to us as an intermediary business of Africa business.

Learning international business matching



In this internship, we focused on waste management and agriculture in each country and researched how to develop a combination project of the liquid fertilizer producing plant using raw garbage and organic agriculture using its fertilizer. After having visited the plant and the test farm and studied the technical field, we got presentations of the ideas of each country and each person.

Getting on the plant and watching process of producing liquid fertilizer


At the test farm-sweet potato field,  learning activating soil and weeding


This time, the participants gathered from Niigata, Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, I got together from Hiroshima, and accommodation was made in the same hotel. I had a role like their teacher (?) with sleeping, meals, and atmosphere like a training camp. But humanity and personality of each person was well understood, and it has become an opportunity of building a mutual trust relationship for the future.

Memorial photo on the day of visiting the plant


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