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Where you invest and where you make money is depending on when and where you live. We, Japanese and American couple, started to build our business in Ghana of west Africa. This opportunity has worked on us to support building business relationship between Africa and Asia and contribute both economic growth and development more….also this will be a part of our life.

About the author

Ai Sasaki, Japanese…I am a main writer of the blog. I have worked in Hiroshima, Japan as a financial planner in life insurance industry from 2002. I became an independent financial planner and business owner of I Planning LLC in 2011. I started to have interest in investing in Ghana and other African countries by encounter with my American partner Donald Duke early in 2012. I made an international consulting department in the company early in 2015 by getting his advice and information of business chances in Africa.

Cape Coast Castle in August 2013


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