Ghanaian’s interest・・・Peace and Stability

Hi, I am Ai Sasaki, working as a financial planner in Japan.

I moved the blog from “blogger” to here in wordpress from today’s article.

For most people in the world don’t know about countries except their county, usually we know information in the world through TV, newspapers, online news……and products and services. For example, for Japanese, Ghana is an unfamiliar country and their knowledge about Ghana is a chocolate product named “Ghana” and is known as a cacao producing country. Ghanaian knowledge about Japan may be “TOYOTA” or “JICA”.

When I talk about Ghana most people who hear about Ghana first time ask me “How about public security?” There are 54 countries in Africa continent, Ghana’s public security is one of the best in Africa. Politics is stable and there is no internal conflicts though it is a multiracial nation. Ghanaian national character is to respect peace and stability, and they are proud of that. The other day, I found an article about result of the sampling research by Ghanaian media, Daily Online (online version of the most popular newspaper “Daily Graphic”). What is Ghanaian’s interest in 2016?


First place is “Peace and Stability”. I feel Ghana’s public security is good through my travels. Remembering every Ghanaian I met said “Ghana is a peaceful country!” I agreed to the result of the sampling research. Half of the voters answered “Peace and Stability”. Ghana is adjacent to neighbor countries. Refugees from the neighbor countries have come into Ghana to seek for shelters. I think Ghanaian get the feel of the importance of peace and stability by knowing internal conflicts and faced terrorism in neighbor countries, continuing to keep “Peace and Stability” could be one of their pride.

For inviting tourists, inviting ODA and volunteers, inviting investors from the overseas, “Peace and Stability” is a minimum requirement for their activities in Ghana. Why Ghana has been able to be a leader and having stable economic development in west Africa is for Ghanaian’s efforts for “Peace and Stability”. I can understand foreign investors locate their business base of west Africa in Ghana. I took the Japanese company for the research  in the project site last November, we could show them actual Ghana’s “Peace and Stability”

Labadi Beach on 29th November in 2015

(I will write about after the second place in another chance.)

Character of loving “Peace and Stability” is in common with Japanese. Japan was the first nation to achieve rapid economic growth in Asia. Neighbor Asian countries has achieved economic growth following and looking at Japan’s achievement. I want Ghana to become a model in west Africa like Japan in Asia. They should become the model, they have high potential to become the model.  Then other west African countries will follow and catch up Ghana. I have an image like that.

In the end of today’s article,  I was wondering who I write this blog for. I write almost the same subjects in Japanese for Japanese. Today I found out I want to write this English blog for the persons who are interested in doing business in Ghana and west Africa, and for Ghanaian who want to develop their country and want to do business with Asia. Please share this blog if you like it.

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